The brands NM-Germany & NM-Motorservice - A good choice.

Welcome to NM-Germany!

NM-Germany offers products which fulfill the highest requirements in manufacturing quality and fitting reliability. Quality, swiftness and service are the features which help NM-Germany to set trends in the world-wide aftermarket.

Under the brand NM-Motorservice, for over 30 years we have installed spare parts of only the highest Quality at our engine repair Business for engines and which we sell in Europe

Under the brand Name NM-Germany, we sell These spare parts which we have installed and tested thousands of times throughout Europe since 2012.

We supply components for all gasoline and diesel engines in the passenger vehicles area, Commercial vehicles and indstry.

You can be sure you have found the right Partner in NM-Germany for all Topics involving the Topic of gasoline and diesel engines.

A Team consisting of experts with 30 years of professional experience is available daily to give our advice and Support and answer your questions.

We would be pleased to welcome you among our satisfied customers.

It is our Goal to be able to cover your need for current products from Independent and free suppliers like NM-Germany with Independent and freelance suppliers.

We will take care of your needs daily.

Thats what NM Group is all about.

Your experts for gasoline and diesel engines.

The NM-Group

The NM-Group